Saturday, September 19, 2009

It Is Raya Again!

Before things get pretty busy. Just a quick one.
[reply to Shapx: Yes, yes I'm coming just gimme 2 minutes]

These Ramadhan and coming Raya,

1) I managed to complete my ibadah puasa ;) (okay, almost. Still about 8 hours to go but I'm pretty sure I'll surpass hehe)

2) Got new Telekung and baju Raya from Mama (MIL) that kinda matches Shapx's black baju Melayu. Thanks Mama.

3) This year, I'm giving duit Raya for the first time. Living in Perlis, makes it easy to change money except that RM5 notes has long finished... Fuhh~ Red is so not Raya! I wanna give the green one.

4) The kids are all here. Rumah Kampung is very messy now with thousand of toys God knows where they come from, noise coming from their vocal cords, tears after being scold by Shapx and laughter when they play with Kak Lang haha. Hey I'm so not making this up okay!

-Alya, me and Ashraf-
Shapx: They are just so lucky to get you as their Mak Lang!
Skpn: Hey, it's KAK Lang! Better say it right.

5) and this Raya, we're gonna celebrate it in Perlis, KL and Cameron (surprise Birthday for Mama (MIL) hehe..)

It's a family thing, there will be 4 families and I'm sure it's gonna be a BLAST!

Salam Raya everyone...

[Hey Shapx, wait for me!]

Friday, September 11, 2009

Can't You Tell I'm Very Busy Doing My Homework?!

"Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man" said Gingerbread boy

... but do you know what happened to him in the end?

So, let's do the same with Mama's cookies this Iftar shall we? haha..

photo credit to gingy_by_cachamaricha taken from