Sunday, January 03, 2010

Thirty Seconds To Mars "Kings & Queens"

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Kings + Queens - HD

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

"Okay, Thank You Class. I'll See You Tomorrow!" (or online?)

It has been such a long time since my last entry here. I know. Many wonderful and not-so-wonderful things have happened since October 2009.

However, it puzzled me too much whenever I log in to this account. Why?

Well, I just couldn't understand why my students came here and left such comments just because of some videos of Britney Spears I uploaded here in MY PERSONAL blog. (see Video 1 and Video 2).

Okay, I apologize for the fact that she was half-naked and oh-so-beautiful that it kills everyone who sees the vid, but why the used of such language? If it's too 18sx for you or if it riled you up so bad, why watch it? You could have just skipped the videos and moved on to the next entries.

(Oh okay, there was no new entry... but You got the point!)

And because of you redneck people out there who have nothing better to do, I am forced to change my comments setting so such vulgar language will not mortify me and other readers/students.

And not just that, I had to permanently delete your comments and rejected some. (not that there were that many)

However, one of the comments managed to get my attention and I'm going to justify it here and not because I have to but because I WANT to.

"Is this what an alumni of IIUM teach?"


alumni: Plural
alumnus: Singular/Male
alumna Singular/Female



Excuse me?

1. I'm not teaching anything here.

2. This is MY PERSONAL BLOG in which the manifestation of my inner thoughts and feelings put in a concrete form, to be shared with others.

3. Oh God! I am not an USTAZAH! :-?

4. So now all students (and former students) of IIUM are USTAZ/AH?

5. And if you don't like Britney, Oh well, too bad then.

I have ONE question for you,


As far as I can remember, I didn't, excuse me, I NEVER reveal this blog or even my FB account to any of my student in class. You look me up in Google, fully aware of your action by typing my full name like this,

Am I right? So that explains the figure 18,600...

By uploading such videos makes me a BAD TEACHER? Your heart-rending comments and judgments puzzled me till now...


I just hope my previous/future students will be more liberal, permissive, carefree so that you could understand that I'm just as normal as you guys..

Like HelloOoo..., I'm only 24!
(Okay, 25 this year...)

" We had FUN, right guys?! "