Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Break The Habit!

This is something embarrassing to admit but I have become one of You. 

Officially, my middle name is Procrastinate (Hi everyone. You can call me Procrastinate -____- ). I am a master when it comes to delaying tactics. Giving excuses comes naturally to me and I take my own sweet time in completing a simple task. I would wait until the very last minute to do something, saying stuff like:

"Alaa, this is too easy *laughs* I know this like the back of my hand! It would only take minutes.

Yes, so arrogantly.

I have put off doing a lot of things in my long list of Things-To-Do and an attempt to do the simplest task seems hopeless. Even an hour is not enough for me to fold a mountain of my clean laundry. So you can imagine just how high is the mountain. 

I won't upload any photos of the mountain here as I'm afraid it might leave mental scars on you. Instead, here are two photos to show the strikingly different between 1) Me-Then and 2) Me-Now :(

Me-Then: My closet used to look like this. All neat and properly folded.

Me-Now: A glimpse of the horror -_____-"

I keep on saying to myself, "You need to prioritize" and that is what I'm doing. Handling this mess one baby step at a time. I'm sorting them all on a 1-day basis. If No.3 and No.7 are needed the next day, they will be my sole focus for the day. 

Let's just hope I can clear this mess before someone gets hurt!