Monday, September 26, 2011

Grunge Is Dead

I don't know what's wrong with me. It's already 3am+ and I'm not sleepy at all. I tried counting sheep and ended up singing "Timmy Time" theme song instead. It didn't work, therefore I gave up.

So I was aimlessly reading few articles on the net until I stumbled upon a quiz: 

Did the quiz and I got full marks, 10/10. *blows nails* 

Huhh, what?! You don't believe me? What do you want? Evidence? Fine........

Here are all the snapshots of the quiz, I DID, see them for yourself!

For those who don't know which one is Butch Vig, he is the one on the far right. Yes, the goatee, specky one. 

This is too funny!
I just don't get it guys, Jake Gyllenhaal DOES NOT look like my Jared Leto!

Oh gosh! Did the baby agree to swim in the altogether? I bet that he (or his parents) was paid a pretty penny for his nudity! Read here to find out...
"We can have some more, nature is a whore. Bruises on the fruit, tender age in bloom"

Yes, Nevermind you MJ hihihi...

Simple calculation. 27 Club. RIP.
Such a cool t-shirt :)

Yeah, Foo Fighters!

He's the kind who takes everything to heart...

Oh yeah! I do smell like Teen's Spirit haha

But the actual truth was, I had Mr G all by my side...

My actual score -_____-

Thanks heaps Google! *yawns* zZzz