Monday, November 15, 2010

I Beat The Daylight Out of Her!

She was getting on my nerves and I was given no other choice.

So I let her have it ALL!

FYI, only the female mosquito feeds on humans.


Tanaka..>GeNEcist..™® said...

Hahaha... She deserved that!

diana ghazali said...

besarnye nyamuk tu! padan muka mati

Sri Kandy Putri Naru said...

Tanaka..>GeNEcist..™®: I gave her a big fat whack, right on my laptop!

diana ghazali: me thinks so too! Padam muka *puas hati*

ahmad naru said...

too bad its not aedes.

Sri Kandy Putri Naru said...

Ahmad: Yup, too bad. If not, I'll be a hero!