Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm So Lazy To Write So Lets Just Upload Pictures, Shall We?

November and December 2008 - Kangar - Climbing Photos

Trying hard to smell his own foot/shoes?

Ballet/Rock or any other shoes ---> they stink!

Shapx: "I'm the MAN!"

Shapx in action 1

Shapx in action 2

The K3's Family : Umair, Shapx and Hussin

This is what we called C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.T !!! ;-D
(On the wall: Koko)

A-must-have-thing when you want to climb really high..
(Koko, Shapx's hand, Pak Dam)

This is me hehe ;-D

Me and a-must-have-thing with its friends (haha)
What is it called again, CRAP? Hrmm?

See, very confident right ... ? LOL

black & white!
I mean the tudung, shirt VS white chalk on Shapx's left hand ;-P

Hrmm really missed hanging out there ...



shapx said...

shutz... OMG....
why on earth, out of everything else in the world ???

publicity stunt it seems...
that's not shapx, possibly another one of those super imposed photos..
the head is fairer, he's darker than that!

*that must have thing is called carabiner @ crab

Sri Kandy said...

Huhh? WHY NOT?

Super imposed? ya, right!
Trust me, I know THIS IS Shapx ;-P

*now, you're regretting buying me the camera phone? haha

TO ALL: more pictures/videos later