Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tagged Again?!

I know, I know, it has been a while..
I have been awfully busy these few weeks. Had no time to even check my emails okay? Fuhh ~

Anyhow, Miss Cha Yang has tagged me and she mentioned it straight to my face saying that "you have been tagged!"
So, these are the steps:

1. Go to "My Pictures" or your Photo Folders in your computer
2. Go to the sixth folder of your photos' folders
3. Go to the sixth photo of that folder
4. Upload it here
5. Describe it.
6. And finally, tag six other bloggers and leave a comment in their pages.

okay, this is quite easy.

[clicking sounds ... pause ... clicking sounds ... ]

Hrmm ...

Okay, so here is the photo ...

Ooo yes, the-used-to-be-favorite shoes.
Hrmm this picture was taken on December 12, 2008 at IIUM's Library, using Shapx's hp while waiting for him to decide which journals and books to copy for his MA Thesis (Project Paper).

I used to wear it everyday to class, so comfy I tell you... but now, back in the shoe-box, you go!


What more to say? I need to get myself a new pair!

So the six bloggers are:
Shapx, Zulhumar, Ainguzzle, Umair, Tintarawa, Kak Fasyu

(I'm letting these new friends try "Tagged" LOL & TQ)


spartacurse said...

macam mana nak tagged..wordpress leh tagged ka

ainguzzle said...

menarik tag ini. haha

tintarawa said...

dont think i can post photo no. me u dont want to see.. :))