Friday, March 27, 2009

What It's Like To Be Me...

You people may think I am not serious with this whole blogging thing, right?

But honestly, I am!

If only I have:

1. My own laptop instead of this old desktop with this old blinking monitor. Did I mention old twice on two different things? wait, there are two more items. O yes, and this old keyboard and this old mouse. They are VERY OLD, I tell you!

2. Internet access. Hrmm what do you call it? 3G? No, not that one! Ermm.. yes, yes broadband! Yes, I would really like to have that!

3. But even if I do have all these (in which I don't!) I don't think I have the time to post any entry here. So what I would like to have more is time. Possible?

So, I'm glad you could understand my situation.
Thank you!

I read these blogs just now:

Kak Tuty's, Kak Fasyu's, Kak Sue's

Very cool! Keep on posting guys!

P/S: Kak Sue, I'm glad I came across yours!


. . . Witness . . . said...

hehe..extra time is the one thing that i would like to have too:)
mmg betol pon, sometimes kite ade je bende nak tulis kt blog,tp xde mase nk duduk n tulis;p

zulhumar said...

hi... busy girl, actually i am busy too. have so much things to do, my god!

ainguzzle said...

sri, happy blated beday! selamat hari tua

Sri Kandy said...

Witness: yup, true2. and sometimes tak de idea plak huhu :-(

Zulhumar: I feel you perfectly. so many things to do, so little time huhh~

Ainguzzle: Thanks Ain hehe.. Tua dah kan kita? LOL