Friday, August 21, 2009

Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak To All Muslim

I'm gonna miss eating breakfast in office.
Shapx's burger is just perfect! McD pun kalah okay haha..

"hope I can lose some weight this Ramadhan"

I have been hearing this phrase a couple of time now this week. It seems that everybody has the same idea and now I'm thinking, should I lose some as well?!

Well after all, I did get remark that goes, "Wah Sri, you dah put on weight! Never thought it's possible!" right after they saw my wedding pictures :( Dammit!

But honestly, am I really that fat? It's Ramadhan and I think I should hope for something else rather than perfect-hour-glass-body atau kurang tembam sikit di pipi... huhh~~

So, I come up with a list of things that I really, really hope to happen this Ramadhan.

  1. At least a day to break fast with Papa, Mama, Kak Ani, Syah, Abang, Ten Ten and Bear.
  2. I am determined to bring a Tupperware every time we go and buy kuih at any Bazar Ramadhan in Perlis! Regardless the stares and laughs I'll get huhh~
  3. I really want to learn and read the Quran from Shapx this year. Guess this is the best time for me to start... Lagipun, Ramadhan ni kurang marah sikit harap nye huhu..
  4. Wanna play fireworks with Shapx, Alya, Adam and if have extra can bring them to KL and play with my family plak hehe and Ashraf's family as well :)
  5. And finally, I want to bake some cookies for Raya hehe...
Among all, I just hope this Ramadhan I get more pahala and forgiveness from God, Parents, Siblings, Husband, Teachers and friends etc for all my wrong doings. Amin.

So, everyone Salam Ramadhan!
Okay guys, let's get busy :D Raya nak dekat dah ni hihi


peijan said...

happy ramadhan..
album kawen ok tak?
cam tak hapy je.. huhu..

skpnaru said...

Peijan: haha mesti la HAPPY! :D sume cakap Sri nampak extremely gembira senyum sampai jadi GEMUK/TEMBAM haha.. ( '-' )

tapi nasib ada gambar yang kat depan pintu Masjid tu. Nampak sgt slim cam model haha.. ;P

Thanks Peijan, you're the best!!