Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If At First The Idea Is Not Absurd, Then There's No Hope!

We're still shocked with the whole idea honesty, but I knew from the moment he told me about this dream that it's gonna happen sooner or later.

So I guess now, let's just pray for everything to go according to plan...

This is a sport naked bike, Kawasaki z750
(the one sets as wallpaper on his desktop & laptop *sighs*)

I kinda like Yamaha R1 (black/blue) and this black/green Kawasaki Ninja
(Kawasaki Ninja: also in black/white but very expensive I tell you!!)

Bila dah ada ni, I guess I can have this. Huh, no? LOL

Oo ya, yesterday I bumped into this guy who had had embarrassed himself when I corrected him in front others. Tula nak eksyen lagi depan ladies!

To Mr. You-Know-Who-You-Are:
Pssst, dude! It's humiliating to say it's a Harley when it's a Ducati :-?

Credits: Title above is taken from Albert Einstein