Friday, October 23, 2009

So I Discovered Something New Today. Hooray, Bravo, Yippee?!!

This morning I bought this (see picture below) as my breakfast since I thought I might need extra energy since I have so many things to settle before going to a meeting at 3pm.

To my surprise, as I'm sipping the chocolate drink using the straw provided, I realized that the liquid was not going as normal as it used to; it did not go straight into my mouth!

Lucky enough for me to realize it just in time for me to cover my mouth using fingers, just enough time to make it stop from covering the essays written by Eliana, a student of mine who has asked me to check her essay (extra).

I stopped sipping and looked at the box and noticed there is something different about the cover and I read the tag-line, which says,
"Sensasi Meletup Straw Edisi Terhad!"

Can you make out the close up picture that shows the new design for the straw? So, what's your opinion?



Brilliant, with the capital B?

This is what I have to say:
It's Annoying!

Maybe I'm the only one who feel so?
If yes, is it because I'm not creative enough?

Or am I too skeptical for changes?

Hrmmm ... o_O


Anonymous said...

minum milo jadi kuat dan sihat!