Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Darn-It ! I Got Tagged, AGAIN ...


I got tagged again and this time, it was from V@WLOUNGE on Tuesday, January 20th 2009. [ops, she's on private]

Anyhow, these are the things I must do.

5 Characteristics of your dream guy/girl
Compassionate, Empathy, Calm, Rationale, Loving.
In 5 letters it would be S.H.A.P.X

5 Characteristics that you have never like in a guy/girl
selfish, arrogant, insensitive, disrespectful, hypocrite ... and the list goes on and on and on!

5 feelings that you have when you're out with the one you admire
Blessed, Cheerful, Overjoyed, Delighted, Ecstatic

5 places that you want to travel with your loved one
no idea ... erm maybe Krabi, China (with Shapx's parents), India, Disneyland(s) and maybe all the islands in Malaysia

5 special things that you would give to your loved one
Wow i have a lot; my heart and soul, my presence and my compassion, my complete trust and a pledge of his trust in return, my love and shoulder for him to cry on, and a wonderful future for both of us. And one more thing, perhaps one day, a child ... or more? lol

5 songs that you will sing to your partner
- "Open Arms" by Mariah Carey
- "Can't Take My Eyes of You" by Lauryn Hill
- "Cater 2 U" by Destiny's Child
- "Into You" by Fabolous feat. Ashanti
- "Love Don't Cost A Thing" by Jennifer Lopez

5 friends that you want to tag
- Kak Firah, Kak Hanie, Cha Yang, Kak Dianne & Shapx



cha said...

i really hate u for doing this to me...why me??huhu

Sri Kandy said...

erm, because you're my only one?! lol

faridah said...

my boy partner always sing together with me at office :D

Sri Kandy said...

Faridah:You're lucky! 1- He wants to sing along with you 2- Both of you work in the same office.