Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tooth Fairy, Where Are You?

I'm still waiting for this little tooth to come out, so you can come and take my wisdom tooth ...
Hurry up please!

Do I really need a tooth fairy?
Because my tooth doesn't hurt, but my gum is ...

What should I do? :-(

Whenever I eat, food get stuck in the gap, between my bottom left still-growing-wisdom tooth and the gum at the far end of my teeth and it is very painful too.

I have put off this problem for a very long time and I think this can't wait any longer.

I did ask one of my students whom had worked as a dental assistant in a dentist clinic, and her suggestion was to have it removed! I was shocked at hearing this and I thought to myself,

"how the h*** are they going to pull it out
when the tooth is still growing?"

Then she said, "well, normally we do X-ray first"

Okay, X-ray sounds better.

So I did some research on my own and found out that wisdom tooth can be complicated something like:

if the root is touching a nerve it might be very risky to pull it out! if the tooth broke during the extraction this will injure the nerve and I will have permanent pain for my whole entire life ...

I never had any problem with teeth or gum before.
Not even that black thing that people have on their teeth..

Do you really have funny jokes to tell about teeth?!

Shapx dear,
I think I really need to see your expert, now.

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Sri Kandy said...

Tooth Fairy you can come now, I have a wisdom tooth under my pillow for you tonight :D

*you only give gold coins right? Make them 100 Dinar, can?! lol