Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sir, Yes Sir!

Ever wonder why military people say "Sir, yes Sir!" instead of a simple "Yes!" or even "Yes, Sir!"

I just don't get it!

But according to my little brother, it's a sign of respect and an acknowledgment. The first and the last word that come out of your mouth, must be Sir! Not just any sir but Sir! 

This is just one of the many rules they have. My brother who is currently in RMC often shares some of the secrets and I tell you one thing, life ain't easy there! -_-

I tumbled upon this and here are some photoes photos I would like to share (have! actually haha ;P)

"Sir, the last two are just awesome, Sir!" 

To my significant other, (if you're reading this, doesn't matter if the calendar says January 2011) 
 I want I want I want!!!

Or should I say, "Sir, I really want those, Sir!" *pause* "Sir, please Sir!" *almost crying*


Tanaka..>GeNEcist..™® said...

whoooouw sister...
The last two reminds me about my goldfish swimming in the tank at my living room.. I'm wondering if it come in size 9? kat kangar ade jual tak? haha

Sri Kandy Putri Naru said...

Tanaka..>GeNEcist..™®: Only in Cinderella's size: 7. Step sisters' sizes are not included. But we have BATA in Kangar. Way cooooler -_-

Lina^ Chan said...

oohh...i like the first, simple, elegant, and feminine!!!! ^__^ nak jugaaaak! in the size 8 pleaseeeee....kat mana jual? saiz kaki kita bukan sebaya ke sRI? 8?

Sri Kandy Putri Naru said...

Lina^ Chan: Same here. I think you can get it from ALDO. I'm not sure if they have it in Malaysia though -_-
here's the link:
My actual size is seven and a half. If I wear 8, boleh tercabut tertinggal kat belakang! haha ;P So 7 is just nice.

Anonymous said...

i nak no 2 pleaseeeeeeeeee, Sir!