Saturday, October 16, 2010

If I've Done You Wrong, I'm Truly Sorry!

I shall handle this matter like a real lady.

*inhales deeply*

Yes, I have been hiding for more than 6 months and since life has been pretty hectic (well at least, for some of us) I have made a drastic move; making my blog private!

One out of so many reasons is because of the nasty comments I have been getting. Reason(s)? Well, don't ask me because I'm not very certain either.

and by whom? I can only assume.

But anyhow, I get the message that You're trying to tell me. I don't need to be a genius to figure that one out!

As I said earlier, I only have two hands, I'm juggling with so many things at once; my work, studies, families and those few friends I have. Maybe You don't know this, but my work as well as my studies needs me to stay in focus, at all time.

I'm not cocky or arrogant, but seriously, I have other serious matters to focus on, matters that involve life-and-death, vitally important decision that can cause people's life!!

But You, well You're condemning on too many things and some were my past, personal, very personal things, even I can't control them, anymore -_-

So, to end this twisted and thorny misunderstanding, I have decided after much deliberation, to accept all your advise and use it to the fullest and let's just hope one day I can be a better person. *amin*

Jokes aside, I don't want to pick a fight with You honestly. You are welcome to express whatever you feel and I will decide whether those comments should be approved here, or not. Okay?




Tanaka..>GeNEcist..™® said...

Kak, just let me kill orang tu.. BTW, sape? hehe.. As I wrote in my blog, this is the place where we express our feelings, what our heart want.. And to be what we want to be, then, lantak la ape org kata.. if it happen again, just let me know, I nak ganyang org tu..
peace NO war- Henry

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you!

Sri Kandy Putri Naru said...

Tanaka..>GeNEcist..™®: *sighs* If only I know (a)dik.. What to do, those haters have the right to, er, HATE. :)