Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Typographical Error

I'm having all the time in the world and now I'm learning French! haha I'm just kidding.

I have always wanted to learn this language and my reason is the same like others, because it sounds GOOD and SEXY !!! *chuckles*

My hubby, who knows a little bit of French (he's so eksyen okay!) without fail will correct me every time I sing "Night of The Hunter" by 30 Seconds To Mars. He even cakap:

"Ntah apa la you sebut tu"

Anyway, the song's in English with few, very few French phrases. I really like the song so with the help of Google translate, I can know the English meaning of those phrases. Hurrah! 

Since I'm not familiar with this language at all, it is quite hard for me to type-out those phrases and I was struggling in doing this. Pity me huhh?

So, do you know that a simple mistake in typing a word will generate into another word that is off the context.

Okay, let me show you. I want to know the meaning of this phrase: La Nuit du Chasseur

but instead, I mistyped Chasseur into Chassur and this happened:

haha so funny! The Night Footwear?!! Like those towel slippers you normally get when you're in hotels or on plane? This is hysterically funny and out of context.

The rite right one's here:

To me, making mistakes is the fun part of learning.

Wait till you hear me say (okay, sing): une, deux, trois, cinq (one, two, three, five)

four (quatre)?

Guess I should pick a real French song instead!

(the full lyrics is here)


syaheila said...

french is sexy huh?
macam mana rockstar macam i ni jdi sexy miss? cuz i'm learning french for my 3rd language, kihkihkih
buy the initial 1 book laaa mula2 nak blaja ni, that is my text book though XD

Sri Kandy Putri Naru said...

Syaheila: Ala, apa salah nyer! haha Jared Leto rockstar yang sexy pe ;P haha ;)

diana ghazali said...

i can imagine your lips are struggling too. hehe

Sri Kandy Putri Naru said...

Diana: haha the French might think I have speech impediment such as a lisp or stammer. Poor me! -_-