Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Break The Habit!

This is something embarrassing to admit but I have become one of You. 

Officially, my middle name is Procrastinate (Hi everyone. You can call me Procrastinate -____- ). I am a master when it comes to delaying tactics. Giving excuses comes naturally to me and I take my own sweet time in completing a simple task. I would wait until the very last minute to do something, saying stuff like:

"Alaa, this is too easy *laughs* I know this like the back of my hand! It would only take minutes.

Yes, so arrogantly.

I have put off doing a lot of things in my long list of Things-To-Do and an attempt to do the simplest task seems hopeless. Even an hour is not enough for me to fold a mountain of my clean laundry. So you can imagine just how high is the mountain. 

I won't upload any photos of the mountain here as I'm afraid it might leave mental scars on you. Instead, here are two photos to show the strikingly different between 1) Me-Then and 2) Me-Now :(

Me-Then: My closet used to look like this. All neat and properly folded.

Me-Now: A glimpse of the horror -_____-"

I keep on saying to myself, "You need to prioritize" and that is what I'm doing. Handling this mess one baby step at a time. I'm sorting them all on a 1-day basis. If No.3 and No.7 are needed the next day, they will be my sole focus for the day. 

Let's just hope I can clear this mess before someone gets hurt!


Anonymous said...

im like that too. no worries

Sri Kandy Putri Naru said...

Oh hi there procrastinate! Nice to meet you. I'm procrastinate too! *lame* -______-"